Video Tour of Lufkin’s Landscape

The new owner of Lufkin’s Landscape provides a walking tour of the facility and briefly describes the landscape products available for bulk shipment by customer pickup or through Lufin’s Delivery Service.

Also, there is a business relation relationship with AALDG and Lufkin’s Landscape that has lasted for years.  Chris Schroth of All American Landscape Design Group is the new owner of Lufkin and consider’s the supplier to be an important part of AALDG’s delivery of value and customer sanctification,

Chris will never compromise or cut corners in achieving the end-product quality or doing the job right, whether it’s AALDG or Lufkin.

You may order landscape Products through Lufkin or contact AALDG if you want these products installed or to be part of a landscape project.

Call Lufkin’s Landscape  (727) 545-9797 for purchase, pickup, and delivery.

Call AALDG  (727) 303-1447  for projects that require the installation of Lufkin’s Landscape products.

all american landscape supply front entrance

Was Lufkin’s Landscape and now is All American Landscape Supply Inc – Get the Landscape the Way You Want it, Fast and Easy with the Best Quality Products.