Your Wonderful Outside Living Space

Your Outside Florida Living Space is the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine and the seasonal temperature changes. It’s your private oasis for relaxing, spending leisure time reading or playing a game, entertaining, socializing with friends and family, even working outside, and extending the living area to the open air.

We have extensive landscape experience, landscape & hardscape design skills, creative talents, and the expertise to design and install a wonderful outdoor place that you want. This new exterior space will add value and beauty to your home as part of the architecture of the building. With your outside living space close to or part of your pool area, you will be spending most of the hot summer enjoying this new outdoor place with plenty of fresh air and dips in the pool to cool off.

Are you looking for more than just a pool? Call us to discuss your ideas to improve your pool.

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Outdoor Living Space for Relaxing and Entertaining – extending your home’s  value and living area

Hardscape for Pools

For existing pools, we can design and install additions to include new features and functions, as well as enhancements to beautify the pool area. For those without a pool, we can design and build a new pool according to your requirements with any options you envision, as well as, the associated Hardscape and landscape design to compliment it.

 AALDG will works with any professional pool builder, as well as, our own Partner Network. Many of our partners have been with us for over 20 years. AALDG’s Partners Network consists of the best experienced Pool Builders that have proven themselves as experts with us. Their expertise and experience is second to none. They are licensed, insured, and bonded. All of our Hardscape for Pools Services include our Landscape Design and Install.

We have extensive landscape & hardscape design experience. Our creative talent and expertise will allow us to design and install a wonderful outdoor space that you will enjoy for years to come. This new exterior space will add value and beauty to your home as part of the architectural design. 

The addition of your new outside living space as part of your pool area will have you spending most of the hot summers entertaining with friends and family and enjoying your new outdoor space with plenty of fresh air and dips in the pool to cool off.

Our Hardscape for Pools services provides custom design and installation for a wide variety of features, functions, structures, and options. Our services may include: Pool Cage, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Fireplace, Fire Pit, Patio, Landscape Lighting, Planters, Decorate Wall, Pergola, Water Features, Pavers, Tiles, Plants & Palms, Flower Gardens, and more.

Landscaping with Hardscape

Landscaping Design with hardscape allows us to take your landscape project to the next level with new features and functions. Have you thought of a pond with fish and an island with an oriental lantern? Our Landscape Services includes the custom design and install of a variety of different types of Landscape Themes. Some of these themes are Modern, Traditional, Coastal, Woodsy, Tropical Oasis, Asian Zen Garden, Mediterranean, Private Sanctuary, etc. or anything you want.

We design your Hardscape Installations to your requirements and your approval. They may include ground-covering, edging, stonework or water features, low-voltage lighting, walls, french drain, pergolas, outdoor fire pit, or other site amenities. Our team of experts is composed of masons, stone-craftsmen, carpenters, as well as our landscape designers and project managers. Our Partner Networks can build anything from driveways, retaining walls, stairs, pools to almost any structures made with wood, stone, or concrete.

We manage the entire project to ensure your landscape is designed for what you want and professionally installed to perfection. Our hardscape design and landscape design drive the project plan and all the tasks. We project manage the bill of materials, the arrival plants and materials onsite before artisans go onsite, supervise the work & results and ensure county permits and code compliant are performed. We complete our projects within budget, on-time, and with the best quality that we build in each project. 

 We have 20 years of experience designing and installing Hardscape Installations and a track record of success.

All American Landscape Design Group has incredible experience “

All American Landscape Design Group has incredible experience, very knowledgeable and understanding of what we imagined. After meeting with other companies and paying for a design from someone else, we still went with All American Landscape Design Group. Their knowledge of materials was just truly amazing and turned our yard into a Tropical Oasis! 1/21/20

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