Our Landscape Services

Landscape Design

Our Landscape Design improves upon your ideas to create the beautiful & artistic landscape you want for a specific area or all the property.

Full Landscape Design & Install

We do the complete Landscape Project from concept to the finished landscape using our best-practices for the budget you have in mind.

Project Management & Install

Our Landscape Project Management may be performed for all or a portion of a project or for a specific install scope-of-work.

Hardscape Design & Install

Our high-quality Hardscape installs are designed for specific features to complement nature, as well as, functional living spaces to use and enjoy.

Specialty Landscape Services

Our popular Specialty Landscape Services have been expertly performed hundredths of times by using our proven process at a reasonable price.

Ancillary Landscape Services

Our Ancillary Landscapes Services are typically bundled in our services. But may be purchased separately such as irrigation services, etc.

Residential Services

Our unique custom Landscape Design enhances the architecture of your home and terrain with an Excellent Artistic Expression to fit your vision. We use only healthy plants integrated with proper ground covering and quality decorative materials, objects and edging.

We managed the entire work-effort with our proven process for superior landscape results that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Best Landscape for the Best Price

Our Projects are On-Time & On-Budget

No Hidden Charges | No Gimmicks

30 Years of Landscape Experience

With You, We Realize your Vision

Fresh Premium Healthly Plants

Design for Drought & Cold Hardiness

Sustainable Landscape to Last

Ease of Maintenance Landscape

90 Days Warranty on All Plants

Free Quote for the Entire Project

Best Price for Quality Landscape

Landscape Designed to Fit Your Business

Installation to Accommodate Your Schedule

Includes the Necessary Infrastructure

No Project Too Big or Too Complicated

Project Managed to Stay Within-Budget and Finish On-Time

Low Cost Maintenance is Our Goal

Sustainable Landscape to Withstand the Public

Emergency Same Day Service

Commercial Services

Our no-nonsense approach solves your landscape problem quickly and efficiently. AALDG’s cost-effective Landscape Service presents a clean, high-quality, and inviting appearance that will strengthen your brand.

As a business, we understand people judge your company by your property’s appearance. We provide high-quality, comprehensive Landscape Services that will scale to the size of your property and budget.

Our Landscape Services can improve the property-appearance of a simple store-front, professional building, mall, or business campus. We consider the foot and car traffic in our designs to promote an efficient and orderly flow of traffic. We work with you to develop the landscape design that will help you realize your business goals.

Emergency Same Day Service is available.

Free Quote for the Entire Project

Best Price for Quality Landscape

Landscape Designed to Fit Your Business

Installation to Accommodate Your Schedule

Includes the Necessary Infrastructure

No Project Too Big or Too Complicated

Project Managed to Stay Within-Budget and Finish On-Time

Low Cost Maintenance is Our Goal

Sustainable Landscape to Withstand the Public

Emergency Same Day Service

New Construction Services

These contract-services are for General Contractors, Builders, and Developers within Florida. Our services are very flexible and will depend on whether the design is already completed and the extent of the scope of effort required. Our Project Management efforts are mandatory to ensure the work is performed according to project goals and quality standards.

The project landscape labor may be supplied by the customer or by us. Also, the customer may provide the plants and landscape materials, or we can procure these supplies.

The work will be performed under our direction and guidance to implement the project requirements and the quality standards that we deem applicable.

Our contract-service may be priced as a one-time project fee or a best-effort hourly fee, depending on the project and the amount of risk. We do everything possible and provide firm recommendations to mitigate risk to zero

Free Quote for the Scope of Effort

Our Role is Prime or Sub-Contractor

Project may be Priced as One-time or Hourly Fee

Project may be Configured for Specific Tasks

Plants & Landscape Material may be procured by You or Us

Workforce may be provided by You or Us

Our Project Milestones will Link to Your Master Project Plan

We collabrate with your Management Team

We will Confer with your Designers, Engineers and Project Managers when Needed

We Require a Change Control Process

We will provide a Free Estimate for New Requirements or additional Work or Materials Requested

Our Best Customer Service

We create beautiful Landscapes and Outside Living Spaces that our customers will enjoy, as well as increase the value of their property. We perform our Landscape Services with excellence, or we won’t do the job. We insist on all of our employees and sub-contractors put the customers first even above our company. We strive to do everything possible to provide the best customer service experience to our customers that’s memorable and enjoyable.

Residential, Commercial, and New Construction Services each require different types of customer services. But in all cases, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We use our exceptional talent to create custom designs to complement the building and property terrain. Our Project Management and Quality Assurance set us apart from our competitors and the reason for our high customer satisfaction.

For every project, we design and implement each landscape as an award-winning accomplishment. We focus on details and doing the work correctly without cutting corners. Our customers appreciate it and give us plenty of accolades and praises. We rely on our customer’s recommendations to their family, friends, and business associates. Most of our business comes from customer referrals for both landscape design and installation.

Quality Landscape Services

We offer top-notch quality Landscape Services at reasonable prices in the Tampa Bay area and for large projects throughout Florida.

Our estimating, planning, and installing methods are part of our best-practices. They have been developed best-practices in the field for over 30 years. Our best-practices are the best in the industry. The relationships we have with our supplier and partners have allowed AALDG to obtain skilled artisan labor, best-quality products, and most healthy plants available for our installations. So, your resulting landscape is the best quality without a doubt.

Our Landscape Service may also include Ancillary Landscape Services such as professional landscape lighting, tree services, irrigation services, etc. We carefully manage the implementation of all our Ancillary Landscape Services according to our design and high standards. Our ancillary team is part of our Partner Network.

Our Partner Network has skilled craftsmen with excellent reputations and are licensed and insured. We have worked with them for decades and are the best you’ll find. Our Project Management Plans include onsite supervision, and the inspect of all work, as well as our design process. Thus, our Landscape installations run smoothly with the right resources available at the right time to move the project along without delay or prevent any cost overruns. We only offer beautiful landscape results at reasonable prices.

See for yourself, get our Free Consultation and Free quote.

I believe in an honest price for superior landscape services

Through my first-hand observations, I have seen many of my competitors markup plants, materials, and sub-contractor labor costs by as much as 200% in some cases. I feel this is unethical.  At AALDG, we markup plants, labor and materials by a fraction of our competitors to only cover our administrative, transportation, supervision and project management costs.  We are advocates of our customers to ensure they get the best value.

Quote by Chris Schroth, the owner of AALDG

I founded AALDG so that all my landscapes are very high-quality and the installation process is done correctly according to my supervision and project management.

Quote by Chris Schroth, the owner of AALDG.

“A superior beautiful  landscape starts with a creative design, extensive  knowledge of landscaping and horticulture and the project management to handle the entire landscape installation process. “

 Our best-quality landscape implementation takes the discipline to manage details and make corrections.”

For a complete landscape installation, our project management begins at landscape design, and continues throughout the project to ensure the landscape is done the right way according to our high-quality criteria.  Every landscape installation that we do requires project management. Our Project Management,  Partner Network,  and Supplier Network are the reason why AALDG createss stunning high-quality landscapes that are within budget and on-time.

Quote by Chris Schroth, the owner of AALDG

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Whatever your landscape vision or ideas, AALDG can help you refine your concepts and make your Dream Landscape become a reality by:

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